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How To Fit Door Bars

The carpet in your doorway or threshold should be fitted with carpet gripper. Your door bar will force the carpet down onto the pins during fixing, ensuring that the carpet has a secure grip and the edges of the threshold are supported by the gripper rod.

Door Bar Fitting Diagram

If you are using Symwood single threshold strips, or Joint or Posh threshold strips, to join carpet to smooth surfaces such as wood or tile, gripper rod is only required to hold the carpet and is not required on the side where the threshold meets the smooth flooring.

Now you’re ready to fit your door bar. First remove the adhesive tape from the countersink holes ONLY to ensure that the fixing screws will sit flat and not obstruct the decorative insert.

Ensure that the wings of the door bar are over the carpet gripper to provide a solid base for fitting the threshold and prevent the pins coming through the carpet.

Now screw the door bar to the floor, as tightly as possible to prevent movement which will force out the decorative inlay and cause a tripping hazard. For the same reason, you should ensure that the screws are straight and do not protrude into the centre channel where the decorative inlay will sit.

Tip: Apply a dab of Gripfill or mastic to the floor, at the point where the screw will penetrate it. Once set, this will form a permanent support, so that excessive pressure from above will not allow the screw head to rise and dislodge the decorative insert strip.

Once you have screwed the bar to the floor securely, you can remove the paper strips from the double sided tape on the insert and centre channel of your door bar. Then simply replace the decorative inlay for a neat threshold to your room.

Tip: In a warm environment, firmly rub the paper surface of the double-sided tapes on both the insert strip and centre channel of your door bar, immediately before bringing these two components together. This will ensure the best adhesion and increase the effectiveness of the tape which keeps your decorative inlay in place.