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The DIY Guide to Customising Your Own Stair Runner with EasyBind

Did you know that you can actually customise your stair runner so that it’ll fit on any staircase? It’s true! However, it does require a little bit of manual adjustment to an existing runner, usually using a cutting tool which has the ability to cut carpet. The problem with that is that cutting stair runners can often leave rough edges and loose fibres – so how do you solve it? Let’s find out!

The EasyBind solution to rough edges

Without the right tools, cutting rugs, carpets, or stair runners can easily result in edges which don’t just look unsightly, but can also cause unravelling if left untended. This means that your stair runner aesthetic will suffer, and it won’t last as long either – all in all, not a great state of affairs. EasyBind solves this problem elegantly by creating a neat roped edging on the stair runner. Available in 23 different styles including Teal and Green, Wulf Grey, Heather Moth, and many more, EasyBind is not only practical, but looks great too.

How EasyBind works

One of the best things about EasyBind is the fact that practically anyone can use it to add edging to a stair runner. All you’ll need is a hot-melt glue gun, which we can also provide as part of your purchase. This glue gun comes complete with a specially designed pointed nozzle which makes it super-easy to apply to the edge of the carpet. You can simply apply the glue to the edge of the stair runner once it’s been cut, then press the EasyBind rope edging against the surface to secure the bond. Easy-peasy!

EasyBind makes stair runner customisation easy     

Easy by name, easy by nature. Whether your stair runner is slightly too wide for your staircase, or you’d simply like to adjust the size of a rug or piece of carpet, EasyBind is the most simple and effective way to get great results. There’s no need to have any experience customising rug or carpet; you can simply follow our easy guide to start creating your own stair runner masterpieces right away. And because there are so many styles of EasyBind, you’ll have no trouble finding the colour that matches your carpet, rug, or runner in no time.

Want to invest in some EasyBind of your own and start customising your own stair runners? You can find a wide range of EasyBind designs right here at Stair Rods Direct. If you have any questions about installation of EasyBind, stair runners, or anything else, call our team anytime on 0845 838 8638.